E-mail (Rainloop) Custom Server

Rainloop is a powerful e-mail client integrated into our spryCloud service. Rainloop has the capability to work with with any IMAP/SMTP e-mail server. Currently, only e-mail domains which have been previously mapped to IMAP servers are supported.

Currently Supported Major E-mail Providers

  • gmail.com
  • yahoo.com
  • outlook.com
  • qq.com
  • mailfence.com
  • mailbox.org

If you would like your e-mail provider added to this list, please open a support ticket with the following information: (this information can be obtained from your e-mail provider)

Domain: (@example.com)

IMAP Server:
IMAP Port:
IMAP Encryption: (SSL, STARTTLS, None)

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port:
SMTP Encryption: (SSL, STARTTLS, None)
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