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Setting Up CloudFlare Print

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If you do not already have the CloudFlare add on, simply go to the client portal>Services>View Available Addons. You should see an option for CloudFlare. Select this, and continue the checkout process. (its free) Your account should be set up and CloudFlare activated within several minutes.

CloudFlare set up is fairly simple. In your client portal (spryservers.net/clients), you press the "Setup CloudFlare" button on the right of your screen. (this is in beta) It may setup automatically, it may not. If it doesn't, or you get an error, please choose a username and password and enter it in the given fields. An account will be created for you. If you already have a CloudFlare account, enter those credentials. After this is complete, if your domain is registered with us, your DNS servers should automatically be updated. If you have registered the domain elsewhere, you will need to go to your registrar's control panel and update your DNS records with the servers provided by CloudFlare.

Configuration of CloudFlare within your client portal will currently only work for your main/first package on the account. After configuring CloudFlare for that account, you may go into Plesk and configure CloudFlare for additional domains. Make sure you DO NOT try and activate CloudFlare on a domain in Plesk that is already activated with CloudFlare elswhere. (ie. your client portal) Also, the reverse applies: do not attempt to activate CloudFlare for a domain/package in your client portal that you have activated in Plesk.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us. Do not attempt to contact CloudFlare, as we provide the support for all CloudFlare services used by our clients.

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