Now offering dedicated servers!

You heard us right! We are now offering dedicated servers! Starting at just $85/mo, you can have a powerful dedicated server.

Take advantage of free advanced DDoS protection, fast provisioning (under 4 hours), our Tier 1 carriers and much more!

You can customize and order here.

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20th Oct 2015
HTTP/2 Support Added

The time has finally come! We have added HTTP/2 support to our servers. HTTP/2 adds tons of performance and security improvements over HTTP/1.1. It does however, require your site to have SSL/TLS enabled. If you have not yet purchased an SSL certificate, grab one now so you can start taking advantage of the awesome benefits of HTTP/2!

12th Oct 2015
Now offering Git command-line access to all clients!

As of today, all hosting accounts will come with access to the Git command line binary. If you would like to use Git, just log into your account using SSH and use the the command "$ git <command>" To learn more about Git, you can visit

8th Oct 2015