Jul 6th Black Friday in July (2020) - Limited time NVMe VPS Plans

For a limited time - NEVER before seen pricing on our NVMe VPS plans! To celebrate Black Friday in July - we've created a few amazing VPS offers. These are not standard plans, and will not be available for purchase after the promotion period. Additionally, each plan is limited in stock. First come, first serve. *Offer cannot be combined with ... Read More »

Jun 5th spryCloud Overhaul - New Nextcloud Plans & Lower Prices

We're super excited to announce, we've completely overhauled our Nextcloud (spryCloud) plans! You may have noticed, if you have a paid account, your plan name changed. We did this to bring our spryCloud plans more in line with the rest of our products' naming conventions. (It's way more fun than XXXXXXL anyway 😜) Additionally, we've ... Read More »