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Spry Servers Discontinuing Hosting & Re-organizing

  • Friday, 25th August, 2023
  • 14:15pm

We greatly appreciate your continued support of Spry Servers.

This announcement is a reminder and a follow-up to the e-mails we've been sending our clients over the past several weeks.

Spry Servers life as a hosting company has come to an end. Unfortunately, due to ongoing difficulties, we've been forced to make the decision to re-organize our business and discontinue offering the majority of our services.

We've fought diligently to provide you with the time to find a new provider and migrate your data. We hope you have been able to do so.

Spry Servers hosting operations are officially closing down today, Friday, August 25th, 2023. All data is being securely destroyed and services cancelled.

We have sold our network and certain clients to a private party. Spry Servers has reached out to specific clients with more information for those eligible to transfer your services to said party.

The discontinuation of our services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Shared Hosting/Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation
  • spryCloud/Nextcloud service (already discontinued)
  • Most new orders for services

The following services will continue to be supported for current customers until further notice:

  • Microsoft/Office 365 (CSP) services
  • Domain name renewals
  • SSL certificate renewals and re-issuance
  • VoIP services

In the coming weeks and months, we will be re-structuring our business and focusing on new ventures.

Colocation customers should contact us to arrange pickup or shipment of their hardware no later than Monday, August 28th. Please e-mail equipment-release@spryservers.net to make arrangements for your hardware.

Please note: If a colocation customer plans to have a 3rd party pick up their equipment, and this third party is not an authorized employee of customer's company, a release form will need to be signed. 

We apologize once again for the disruption and inconvenience this has caused and will undoubtedly continue cause you.

Thank you once again for entrusting us with your business over the years.


Tab Fitts
Spry Servers


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