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PHP 8.0 Now Supported in all Plesk Hosting Plans

  • Friday, 18th December, 2020
  • 12:31pm

You may now utilize PHP 8.0 with all Plesk hosting plans!

The latest version of PHP - PHP 8.0 was recently released this last month. To maintain our standards of providing the latest technologies, keeping your sites optimized and secure, we've rolled-out support for PHP 8 to Plesk.

All Plesk hosting plans support this new PHP version. This includes WordPress only plans.

Currently, PHP 8 is only available via the main Plesk PHP selector. CloudLinux has not yet released 8.0 support for their PHP selector.

If you'd like to give PHP 8.0 a try, simply log in to your Plesk account, and click the "PHP Settings" option. From there, you are able to modify the version of PHP used for your site.

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